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Complete Damp Proof Course



  What Is It?

Full damp proof course eliminates long-term moisture problems due to rising damp. Our team uses proven system techniques that penetrate deep into mineral building materials. After the course of treatment, the wall remains impermeable to water while remaining toxin free and completely breathable.


Product Guarantee!

All ProPERLA coating products are verified by the Energy Saving Trust and benefit from a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee but has been proven to perform for 25 years.

Damp Proof Course Benefits

A proven and effective Damp-Proofing course using trusted products is the most effective way to stop your buildings rising damp. proPERLA® has passed various analysis and it performance has been proven time after time - even in sever conditions and has been classified as a treatment with an excellent performance for masonry works.

Rising damp is a common issue that many people experience in the home. When the structure of you building experiences riding damp the walls are unable to keep dry and will affect their natural insulation properties. This can cause many issues long term including considerable risks to your family’s health and beloved pets.

ProPERLA® products offer insulation benefits (whether internal or external) and raises the temperature of walls so that water vapour is less likely to condense on them.

Improves thermal efficiency of masonry by keeping it dry
Maintains thermal properties of cavity wall insulation
Reduces heat loss
Offers a self cleaning surface
Maintains the original masonry finish
Slow ageing or breakdown of the surface
Will allow the building to breathe
Clear insulation barrier for +20 years

Proven performance proPERLA® is classified as a treatment with an excellent performance for masonry works & damp walls cause growth of mold.

Aesthetically Pleasing External surfaces exposed to the weather like sun/shade/winds/rain/high and air humidity or in areas with sea salt penetrated air walls will look clean and attractive all year round.

Durability Durability and colour stability - Your external walls will be protected against destructive impact such as acid rain, salt spray, smog etc.