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Roof Coating

Key Features

Extends the life span of the roof tiles & improves the appearance of the roof

Rebuilds the original surface protection meaning real alternative to costly total roof replacement

Great savings - a much cheaper alternative to re-roofing with fast installation



  What Is It?

RENOTEC® Roof Coating super is hydrophobic water based solution to be applied to roof surfaces. This unique treatment technology has been engineered to improve roofs life expansion and resist weather damage caused by rain, frost and sun.


Product Guarantee!

RENOTEC Roof Coating has been tested and certified and comes with a manufacturers guarantee of 10 years for term protection.

Roof Coating Benefits

RENOTEC Roof Coating is developed to provides a protective coating improving the appearance and life span of your roof and is designer to transform roofs from gruppy and dull into clean and shiny.
The product is Super Hydrophobic which is essentually highly water repellent and self-cleaning.

The formular is a unique roof coating which has thin molecules that penetrate deep and bond to the roof tile surface. The technology used makes it super hydrophobic and performs with a low water absorption rate, while the roof surface remains permeable to water vapour.

RENOTEC® Roof Coating is scientifically developed by specialised engineers with more than 30 years of experience in developing high quality protective coatings for the roofing industry. Treatments with RENOTEC® Roof Coating will extend the lifespan of the roof tiles and will considerably reduce further surface erosion.

1) Asthetically your roof will look brand new and the improvments will last for a generation the solution even protect against UV degradation.
2: The coating provides a super hydrophobic surface meaning moisture beads off the surface rather than absorbing it protecting the roof tiles from water ingress.

Preferred method using a TRITECH T7 Airless spray machine with a 19-21 Thou tip.
Restrictions of application: On dense tiles such as Rosemary, fibre cement or slate it would be necessary to use RENOTEC Primer before treating with RENOTEC Roof Coating. For details about RENOTEC Primer see the separate data sheet. When the temperature is below 5°C RENOTEC Roof Coating should not be applied.
Use of Beading Performance Additive: If the additive is being used to create a super hydrophobic surface it must be added to the second coat only by mechanical mixing paddle
Drying time: Approximately 1 hour at 20° C. At lower temperatures the drying time will be extended
Rainproof: 30 – 60 minutes under average conditions at 20°C (substrate and temperature dependent)

Key Features:
Super hydrophobic
Highly breathable
For use on mineral roof tiles such as concrete, clay, slate and terracotta Extends the life span of roof tiles by preventing water ingress
Comes with a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee
Prevents the loss of structural strength in roof tiles through weathering, frost damage and salt efflorescence
Obstructs the growth of unsightly moss, algae and lichens
Resists UV degradation